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Extended Ocean Summer Cotton Baby Playmat Game Blanket Baby Floor Mat Educational Carpet Toy Baby Activity Gym Baby Stuff

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    [Product Name]: Longer Ocean Game Pad
    [Product Specification]: Game pad length 150CM, width 115CM, bracket height 50CM, blanket thickness 2CM(very large size, twins are also suitable)




    Babies do not know or have much mobility in all things during the first few months of life, and they need to rely on sound, vision and touch to explore everything. Infants at this stage are vulnerable to the environment around them, and in order to effectively enhance perceptual sensory development, a range of colourful and vocal toys should be selected to be placed around the baby.


    &; nbsp; &; nbsp; &; nbsp; The advantage of the game pad is that the baby is sitting on the ground and no longer afraid of a fart cold. If you meet family day, mom and dad will take the baby to the park to play. Take a pad on the grass. Isn’t it nice for the baby to sit on the brightly colored mat and take a picture with her mother? It is convenient and beautiful to wear outside. If the baby is tired of playing, fall asleep, it can also be used as a small quilt cover .

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